Dog High Jump

Why not enter your dog in this exciting part of the 2019 Nowra Show Program?
Entries taken at Secretary’s office up until 7pm 9th February.

  1. The competition is a test of the dog’s jumping ability
  2. The dog is to jump over the wall. However the dog can touch any part of the jump to get over the wall
  3. All dogs not jumping must be on a lead, with a handler, in the marshaling area away from the jump run area
  4. Only one dog may be loose in the competition area at any one time
  5. The owner has the right to select the height, above the minimum height, at which the dog will commence competing
  6. It is suggested that a 2nd handler be used to catch the dog on the other side of the jump
  7. Each dog is allowed three attempts at each height if necessary, until only one dog remains to provide a winner
  8. The dog can remain on the lead during the run up and jumping, however the handler cannot assist the dog by pushing or pulling the lead
  9. Any mishandling or misuse of a dog will incur immediate disqualification
  10. Run up area and landing area to be flat with hay used as landing
  11. The dog can be encouraged over the jump by handler on the other side of the jump, vocally or visually
  12. If more than one dog has jumped the final height, a count back of refusals is to be done
  13. Dogs on the showground at all times are to be securely tied or on a lead
  14. Bitches in season are not permitted on the ground. Pregnant bitches not permitted to jump
  15. Owners are responsible for their dogs and must adhere to council regulations
  16. Judge has right to refuse entry of any dog

Prize money:

  1. $50.00
  2. $30.00
  3. $20.00

9th Feb 2020




Adults $15 + BF
Concession $10 + BF
Children (5-16yrs) $5 + BF