Miniature Goat Competition

Local members of the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia will be showcasing different breeds of miniature goats including Australian Miniature goats, Pygmy goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats. Breeders will be on hand to answer questions about the breeds and provide information about keeping goats. On the Saturday breeders will show their best animals. Sponsored by Springhill Farm.

All original entry forms, copy of waybill and fees MUST be handed in to the steward for each goat entered at least one hour before advertised start time on the day of show. Animals without forms submitted and fees paid on the day will not be eligible to show. Mailing address F. Everett PO Box 3178, Robertson NSW 2577.

ENTRY FEES $2.50 per entry per class. NO REFUNDS ALLOWED Studs with emailed/submitted entries will still be responsible to pay outstanding entry fees if not attending show. A $10 nomination fee to accompany entries per show for competitors that do not hold current MGBA membership. Exhibitors are required to pay the normal Show Society gate entry fee for admission to the showground.


MGBA Breed Shows are open to all registered Australian Miniature goat, Nigerian Dwarf goat, Pygmy goat holding current and up to date registration with any group Australia wide. Animals must meet the MGBA show standards available at

Animals must be owned or leased by competitor. Animals must only be shown in the breed registered on registration certificate. MGBA rules and regulations apply to goats at ALL shows including DNA, ear tagging, and microchip requirements where applicable.
(a) Animals registered with the MGBA to produce a copy of registration certificate on the day with show entry form or presented before show to be eligible to participate in Breed Classes.
b) Animals not registered with the MGBA must have registration certificates emailed/posted in with entries to be eligible to participate in Breed Classes.

Competitor participation in events is at the MGBA discretion and non-members will be required to agree to the MGBA code of sportsmanship when submitting entries. Those not abiding by MGBA rules will be removed from show and any wins forfeited. All MGBA rules and regulations apply to shows.

This is a tested only show. All entrants must have tested clear for CAE/Johnes within the 12 months prior to the show date. Official test results for all animals entered must accompany entry form. Test results must identify individual animals by name or NILs tag. Animals under 6 months of age can enter with clear test results of both parents within past 12 months. Non-tested animals are not eligible to enter the show.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to follow all DPI and governing bodies’ state rules and requirements for tick, and disease as well as movement of goats between states and to and from MGBA shows.

All exhibitors/participants are responsible for arranging their own public liability insurance and other insurances. This Association or any of its representatives will not under any circumstances hold itself/themselves liable for any accident, loss or damage and it shall be a condition of entry/participation that each exhibitor/participant shall hold MGBAA and anyone associated with the organisation/conduct of event, blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceedings arising through any accident, loss, non-delivery or damage whatsoever.

SIGN IN AND JUDGING Sign In: 8.30-10.00am Judging commences 11 am

Show Forms

Miniature Goat Competition Entry Form

Complete this form and MAIL to PO Box 494 Nowra NSW 2541
Or email to:



Adults $15 + BF
Concession $10 + BF
Children (5-16yrs) $5 + BF